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A woman’s disease in a man’s world: Fighting for a diagnosis and respect

Abby Norman, author of “Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women’s Pain,” takes part in a Q&A about some of the difficulties women with endometriosis may face when seeking medical help, the importance of being heard by physicians, financial issues, and the hope she has for the future.

Patient advocacy and activism goes global

Patient advocacy and activism goes global   BY CHRISTINE KILGORE Elise Travers, a patient advocate in New York City, calls the lack of awareness about endometriosis a “form of gender inequality.” The disease “is not yet part of our general lexicon, yet it affects 1 in...

Amanda, Danika, and Madison – Recognizing Symptoms

I had no idea it wasn’t normal The first step in diagnosing endometriosis is often getting the patient to recognize that her symptoms aren’t a normal part of menstruation. BY MARY ELLEN SCHNEIDER For many women with endometriosis, the diagnosis is delayed – in part –...

Heather – A Beacon of Hope

A beacon of hope BY MARY ELLEN SCHNEIDER If you’ve experienced or treated endometriosis, Heather Guidone’s story will sound familiar. She knew something wasn’t right with her body even before menarche. By age 14, she was having debilitating menstrual cramps, missing...